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Big thanks to Common Ground Relief who came out May 23- 26 to help out at 5200 Dauphine! With the volunteers’ help and help from their volunteer leader Sam we were able to create the hurricane panels that will be used at the Sustainability Center for Holy Cross. The panels will protect the windows at the community center in the time of a hurricane evacuation.

Here is some information about Common Ground Relief:

“Common Ground Relief is a volunteer run not for profit organization based in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. We run a diverse range of projects, from New Home Construction, to a Free Legal Clinic, to Wetlands Restoration, Community Gardening and the education of school children about Food Security and Environmental Science with our Garden of Eatin’ Program.

We were founded in immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To learn more about the organization’s origins, click here.

At 5200 Dauphine Street in Holy Cross a new side walk is going in around the  Center for Sustainability in Holy Cross thanks to the Prince of Wales’s Rebuilding Communities Program. Teddy Pierre is the lead instructor for the masonry apprentices for the program and is known for his contributions to the book and art exhibit Raised to the Trade: Creole Building Arts of New Orleans (published in 2002 by the New Orleans Museum of Art). Together with his apprentice, Timothy Adams, they have paved the almost complete brick sidewalk at 5200 Dauphine that wraps from Dauphine Street to Lizardi, completing the block’s sidewalk that was once burdened by a public safety hazard. Both Teddy Pierre and Timothy Adams are alumni of the Tulane University’s School of Architecture. Together they are passing on an important and unique art, while giving back to the community with their work.

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Progress @ 5200 Dauphine!

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Progress @ 5200 Dauphine

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The new brick sidewalks are going in at 5200 Dauphine Street. The brick sidewalks are going in thanks to the 2010-11 Prince of Wales’s Rebuilding Communities Program Apprentices and master craftsman Teddy Pierre!

Great piece in today’s Next American City “Buzz”!

Located in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, 5200 Dauphine was a storied, if not derelict, building post-Katrina. The 100-year old “camelback shotgun,” a two–story adaptation of the famous NOLA housing prototype, had acted first as a family residence and later as a neighborhood sandwich shop. The Preservation Resource Center (PRC) originally purchased the property with restoration in mind. However, years of neglect compounded by the floodwaters following Katrina left the bones of the building unsalvageable.

For a nonprofit whose mission is to rebuild historic buildings in blighted areas, the idea of razing the structure to build anew was unsettling. Architect Wayne Troyer of studio TWA offered an alternative: preservation through deconstruction. By carefully dismantling the building, the project team could preserve and catalogue high quality materials that reduced project costs and spoke of the narrative of the place. Through this effort, nearly 60% of the original building was salvaged.

via Next American City » Buzz » Reconstructing New Orleans through Deconstruction.

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Progress @5200 Dauphine!

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All roof trusses are now in place. We are gearing up to put a metal roof on the structure.

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The first event in 5200 Dauphine St. was a great success. On Friday August 27th Operation Comeback hosted a lecture series at the future home of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association. We had Vito, Michelle and J.R. from our mill shop talk about the windows and trusses (pictured) that they are fabricating for 5200. Wayne Troyer, the architect on the project, gave a lecture on the plans for the project.  We also had others come in to talk about photovoltaics, LEED credits and the mechanical systems. The lecture series was both informative and enjoyable. Thanks for all who came out to the first event at 5200 Dauphine St.

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Schedule of Events

Thursday, August 26, 2010
4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Ceremony to Pass Ownership of the Garden House
603 Forstall St.

From Preservation Resource Center to Holy Cross Neighborhood Association

Refreshments in the garden


Friday, August 27, 2010
10-5 p.m.
Louisiana’s First LEED Platinum Commercial Building
5200 Dauphine St.

Explanations and Demonstrations of critical design elements incorporated in Neighborhood Center built by Preservation Resource Center to house the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association and its Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development

10 a.m. Material Reuse Demonstration by Building Crafts Apprentice program graduates J.R. Portman and Vito Ingerto)
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Photovoltaic Installation by Stacey Danner, Sustainable Environmental Enterprises (SEE)
–break at Noon for comments by Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans–
1 p.m. Window Fabrication from Salvage Material and Commercial Building Insulation, Bill Robinson
2 p.m. Attaining LEED credits session with Jeremy Knoll, LEED A.P., PGAV Architects
3 p.m. Architect Design Session by project architect Wayne Troyer and Julie Kaminski, A.I.A., of Wayne Troyer Architects
4 p.m. Engineering Building Systems for a Hot Humid Climate: Energy, Air Quality and Durability at a Crossroads in New Orleans, Ryan Evans, Henderson Engineers


Saturday, August 28, 2010
4-8 p.m.
500 block of Caffin Avenue “block party”
In appreciation of residents rebuilding Holy Cross
Aperture Publishing (publisher of One Block: A New Orleans Neighborhood Rebuilds) Oxford American Magazine, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and Preservation Resource Center present food and music

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Progress @ 5200 Dauphine St!

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Exposed ceiling trusses began to go up at 5200 Dauphine. The trusses reclaimed material comes from a deconstructed 19thcentury cotton warehouse in Louisiana. These particular trusses were produced in the Preservation Resource Center’s mill shop by former apprentices of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment.

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Glimpse into the Past

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One inspired feature of the project at 5200 Dauphine is the viewports on the interior that will allow visitors to look down and see the floor tiles of the former sandwich shop. These yellow and blue tiles are a memory of the building that once stood in its place that was unfortunately left a public safety hazard from years of blight and the wind from Hurricane Katrina. The former building was carefully deconstructed by the staff at Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans and volunteers from Historic Green ( Much of the old building will be used for interior finishes, but the most striking feature of reuse is the yellow and blue tiles, which will be viewed through a walk-able glass. Today the viewports are framed out in the interior floor.

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