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5427 Burgundy, one of Operation Comeback’s Properties, was featured in an online article in a publication called “The Stranger”. The article is about the Prospect 2 installation inside the home.

To see the article click here.

P.2 Satellite Project Geography House/Atlas open to the Public

Where: 5427 Burgundy Street

When: Saturday, November 26, 11 AM – 5 PM

P.2 Satellite Project artists Don and Patricia Fels would like to invite you to the opening celebration next Saturday for their installation Geography House/Atlas. The artists have transformed a home in the Lower 9th ward, donated for the occasion by the Preservation Resource Center (PRC) into an architectural sculpture using history, culture, and art as tools to trace the continuous evolution of the shotgun. The event will provide the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the artists, so come and join us!

Big thanks to Common Ground Relief who came out May 23- 26 to help out at 5200 Dauphine! With the volunteers’ help and help from their volunteer leader Sam we were able to create the hurricane panels that will be used at the Sustainability Center for Holy Cross. The panels will protect the windows at the community center in the time of a hurricane evacuation.

Here is some information about Common Ground Relief:

“Common Ground Relief is a volunteer run not for profit organization based in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. We run a diverse range of projects, from New Home Construction, to a Free Legal Clinic, to Wetlands Restoration, Community Gardening and the education of school children about Food Security and Environmental Science with our Garden of Eatin’ Program.

We were founded in immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To learn more about the organization’s origins, click here.

Volunteers pose for a group photo in front of 615 Tricou.

A big thank you to the volunteers who worked April 11th thru the 15th working on two of our properties 603 and 615 Tricou Street in the Holy Cross Neighborhood of New Orleans! The volunteer group was led by Kevin Daniels, A National Trust for Historic Preservation Board Trustee, who has lent his support to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. He led the group of volunteers at 615 Tricou. John Hayduk, a contractor from Seattle, who has lent his support to help rebuild New Orleans time and again, led the other group of volunteers at 603 Tricou.

At 603 Tricou the volunteers:

  • Cleaned up the site, sorted & processed salvaged lumber
  • Remove non-functioning electrical & plumbing lines
  • Building sill replacement at side entrance
  • Framed rough window openings
  • Completed wall sheathing & house wrap installation
  • Framed interior door openings
  • Installed window casings at rear addition
  • Repaired and re-installed wood louvered attic gable vent
  • Painted and installed siding at rear addition
  • Removed and salvaged front porch ceiling
  • Primed and re-installed salvaged tongue & groove ceiling boards

At 615 Tricou the volunteers:

  • Primed side elevations.
  • Repaired wood weatherboards at side elevations.
  • Demolished non-original concrete slab rear porches and shed addition foundation piers.
  • Deconstructed rear shed addition wall.
  • Sorted & processed salvaged lumber.
  • Painted siding for rear elevation wall and front façade door & window trim.
  • Primed new doors for rear elevation
  • Constructed new rear wall, installed wall sheathing, house wrap and siding.
Volunteers install a window casing at 603 Tricou.
Volunteer painting the new siding for 603 Tricou.
Volunteer paints the front of 615 Tricou.

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Enquiry by Design: Building Community Capital for Shared Spaces

Wednesday, March 30 · 6:30pm – 9:30pm
New Orleans Healing Center

2372 St. Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA

The Preservation Resource Center (PRC) and the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment (PFBE) will welcome residents and businesses of the St. Roch, Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods during an “Enquiry by Design” (EBD) Opening Presentation at the new Healing Center at 2372 St. Claude Avenue, Wednesday, March 30 at 6:30 PM.

This event is made possible by the AIA Communities by Design, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment.

Event Details:

Help revitalize the St. Roch, Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods!

Operation Comeback will welcome residents and businesses of the St. Roch, Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods during an “Enquiry by Design” Opening Presentation at the New Orleans Healing Center.

London Architect Jon Allen will lead a three-day “Enquiry by Design” (“EBD”) to identify a set of doable “Urban Action Strategies” that neighborhoods can work on collaboratively. The design team will locate neighborhood “nodes” that share the St. Claude corridor, ask residents how to enhance their existing identity, and illustrate ways to connect them.

The approach will “Build Community Capital” by considering simultaneously all four assets – Natural, Social, Financial and Built Capital – that make up successful communities.

Free and open to the public.

For more information, call 504.581.7032 or email

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Mastering Mill Work: The Apprentice Program Continues Part 3

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The mill shop apprentices complete their brackets and mantels! Next they will learning how to create doors, door frames, and casings.

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Progress@5450 Dauphine Street!

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At 5450 Dauphine Street, located in the Holy Cross Neighborhood of New Orleans, the rough carpentry apprentices are finishing up installing salvaged door frames on the interior of the house. On these door frames they have take have taken salvaged material stored at the Preservation Resource Center’s warehouse and put them to good use as the interior door frame and casings throughout the side of the house that had lost most of its original interior architectural details. The apprentices have also milled and installed a new pocket door frame as seen below.  Overall the students are learning valuable skills in restoration.

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Mastering Mill Work: The Apprentice Program Continues

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The mill shop apprentices have been learning how to replicate historic fire place mantels. The apprentices (Vincent Mark, Stephen Grunewald, Mallory Gluek, Christine Simpkin, Chad Simpson, and Michael Andrepont) are creating these mantels from an old mantel from the Preservation Salvage Store. They are learning how to choose the correct router bits to match historic cuts, create such detailed items as the brackets that support the mantel, and how important scale is even in small architectural details, such as mantels. Once complete the mantels will be installed in Operation Comeback houses that have lost their mantels over the years.

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Plaster Apprentice Kirk Brown shows off his latest creation, a ceiling medallion of his own design. On his own time Kirk Brown created a ceiling medallion using a mould of his own creation and some concrete. He hopes one day to create a mother mould (a rubber mould) that could yield many ceiling medallions that could be installed into homes. More examples to come as the apprentice program continues!

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Apprentices Sidney Trepagnier and Mary Beth Alhart have spent the last four months under the study of master crafts man, Darryl Reeves. Darryl Reeves has over forty years worth of experience working as a blacksmith.  He has done many restoration projects locally, for example he restored the gates to the Presbytere on Jackson Square.

One skill the apprentices have learned how to do is how to hand forge pieces instead of the more typically technique of casting.  The apprentices created small iron spears, as seen below, much like one would find in iron fences in New Orleans.  In their time at Andrew’s Welding and Blacksmith the apprentices have worked on iron fences, railings, and doors.  The day I went out to visit the apprentices they were using a jig (or a template) to create sample pieces for an iron front door (see image above).

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